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What Is Importance Of Biofertilizer ?

Posted by : Geolife Shop / On : Jan 21, 2022

What Is Importance Of Biofertilizer ?

Agriculture practices across the world have changed a lot with the time, when we see back into time, major breakthroughs have been reported after green revolution, but it has also lead to the excessive use of synthetic fertilizers, now which are a major concern for us as they are polluting our soil and environment, not only they are destroying our soil health but also impacting severe health hazards in humans and animals. And with time humans have realized this and decided to change this by picking up sustainable agriculture practices, and while doing major research they found one of the effective way to reduce use of synthetic fertilizers, this happened with the discovery of Biofertilizers by mankind .

Biofertilizers are the products which are composed of free-living useful bacteria which help in promotion of plant’s growth and development and thus improving overall productivity through strengthening of various plant parts such as roots, stem and foliage...Etc and thus by reducing the use of synthetic fertilizer in agricultural farms.

Important facts which give biofertilizers edge over synthetic fertilizers.

The following points describe the importance of biofertilizers. By showing how they impact the plant growth and development in real sense. Let us discuss some points which show us how biofertilizers add value to our farmer’s life and what important qualities sets biofertilizers apart from the synthetic fertilizers.

  • Biofertilizers enhance the crop growth and increase yield by 20-30% in plants.
  • These are effective even under semi-arid conditions. Where dry environment prevails and where there is lesser rainfall, these biofertilizers work well even under such harsh conditions.
  • They improve soil health by improving soil properties such as soil texture, bulk density, and water holding capacity. Thus giving plants a rich medium to grow and give higher yields.
  • Bio-fertilizers do not allow harmful pathogens to survive in soil. by releasing some chemicals which keep harmful pathogens under check.
  • They produce vitamins, nutrients and several growth promoting chemicals in the soil like cytokinins, gibberllic acid apart from essential nutrients like nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous these also release some minor micro nutrients also, thus improving soil fertility.
  • Another important aspect of biofertilizers is farmers can make biofertilizers near their farm by inoculating cultures of bacteria, once he gains enough knowledge and experience about how this process works.
  • They do not pollute the surroundings. Which means when these fertilizers are applied to soil they do not produce any residues or polluting substances which interfere with the surroundings, unlike synthetic fertilizers where they permanently destroy soil condition Thus biofertilizers show greater importance in sustainable agriculture practices.

Conclusion: Thus from above mentioned benefits biofertilizers are more reliable and show greater importance for a sustainable future.

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