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How Do You Increase Micronutrient In Soil?

Posted by : sudheer Rai / On : May 21, 2022

How Do You Increase Micronutrient In Soil?

Despite the fact that plants require only a minimal amount of micronutrients, they are essential for crop growth. Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and sulphur are among the most essential elements that plants obtain from their environment. They are called "macronutrients" in nutrition. As seen in the table below, micronutrients are also essential for plant health, but in much smaller quantities. In addition, micronutrients such as boron, iron, and zinc assist the body in fending off pests and infections. 

Adding organic compost to the soil in your garden is a sustainable approach to enrich its nutrient content. The micronutrients in grass clippings, leaves, plant trimmings, and table scraps can all be utilised by plants. Because they are present in your compost, micronutrients will be returned to the soil when you plant your yard. 

What should you do if yellowing leaves and other indicators of soil deficiency indicate that your soil lacks micronutrients? Now that your plants are well-established, it is too late to make substantial soil amendments. They must have vitamins immediately, but how? 

Geolife Nano Fe Nano Technology Micro Nutrient Fertilizers is the correct response. Through their leaves or their roots, plants can absorb nutrients. Geolife Nano Fe Nano Technology nanotechnology micronutrient fertilisers provide plants with the appropriate amount of micronutrients at the appropriate moment, or sometimes just in time. In our product line, we frequently use micronutrient fertilisers derived from seaweed or fish emulsions. Iron, for instance, is only added to certain items upon request. On the contrary, there are numerous types of seaweed products. 

A fantastic alternative is to apply Geolife Nano Combi to the plants once they have matured. The general health of your plant can aid in its resistance to disease and pests. Humans should take zinc supplements, and providing your plants with additional micronutrients will allow them to develop stronger and more resistant. Products derived from seaweed contain amino acids and enzymes that promote plant growth and food production. 

Less seven micronutrients account for less than 1 percent of the dry weight of the majority of plant species. Nonetheless, it is essential for the health of your garden. If you have access to comprehensive soil testing, adding organic supplements such as gypsum to enhance sulphur levels or borax to boost boron levels before planting is a smart idea. The majority of the seven minerals are covered in the standard soil test offered by extension services. If the plants are struggling, you can sprinkle them with kelp or a seaweed extract. 

If you live near the water, add seaweed to your compost without hesitation. Salts can be harmful, so be sure to thoroughly clean it before using it. 

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