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Different Types Of Biofertilizers

Posted by : Geolife Shop / On : Dec 29, 2021

Different Types Of Biofertilizers


Biofertilizers are the substance which contains microorganisms in it which when sprayed on seeds,plant ,soil helps in providing the nutrients required for the growth of the plant.There are different types of biofertilizers available in the market

Lets us learn the the biofertilizers that can be grouped based on their nature and function

  • N fixing biofertilizers
  • P solubilizing biofertilizers
  • P mobilizing biofertilizers
  • Biofertilizers for micro nutrients and
  • Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria

Different types of biofertilizers

  1. Rhizobium : The symbiotic nitrogen fixing Bacteria which infect root nodules which performs function of reducing nitrogen to ammonia which plant can readily utilizes and produce protein and vitamin

Eg. Rhizobium leguminosarum – pea group

2.Azotobacter:  Free-living Nitrogen fixing aerobic Bacteria. These cells are abundantly available at rhizosphere

Growth is restricted by less amount of organic matter in soil

Used as biofertilizer in non leguminous plants like rice, vegetables etc

  1. Azospirillum: Nitrogen fixing bacteria In nonleguminous plants like cereals, millets, cotton etc.
  2. Cyanobacteria : onecelled to many celled aquatic blue green algae
  3. Phosphate solubilizing microorganisms
  4. Azolla : Free floating water fern which fix atmospheric nitrogen along with Blue green algae

It works great in case of rice

  1. Plant growth promoting Rhizobacteria

Some of the biofertilizers of Geolife are



Geolife’s better performing Biofertilizers.

Geolife’s Vigore Gold.

It is a unique biofertilizer powered by nano technology in order to increase the growth & productivity of all crops. A Biofertilizer for flowering plants and crops of all sorts. Vigore Gold is a product that boosts agricultural productivity in both quantitative and qualitative ways. Its goal is to alleviate global food scarcity by boosting crop yield on accessible land. It contains a wide range of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients in nano form, which boosts yield and quality.

Dosage: 125 Gram/Acre Foliar Spray.

Geolife’s Bactogang.

Bactogang, a product powered by nano technology, is a unique formulation containing different live microbe consortia & microbial extracts that contains three species of nitrogen fixing bacteria’s such as Rhizobium, Azotobacter and Azospiriliium along with Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria (PSB) and Potash Solubilizing bacteria(KSB).






All crops (vegetable, fruits, sugarcane, pulses, cereals)

Vegetative Growth (Up to 30-40 days)

500ml / Acre

Drenching, broadcasting with organic compost.


Geolife’s Georrhiza    

VAM - Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizae.

Fungal microfilaments (hyphae) adhere to the roots and improve nutrient accessibility. It’s made up of 90% Endo mycorrhizae and 10% Ecto mycorrhizae. Aids in the absorption of nutrients from the soil, particularly Phosphorus (P). Plant establishment, growth, and soil aggregation are all aided by this substance. During dry periods, it improves resistance. Plant productivity is increased.

Dosage: 4 kg/acre with any Fertilizer.

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