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Benefits Of Bio Fertilizers For Farmers

Posted by : Geolife Shop / On : Dec 21, 2021

Bio Fertilizer - Geolife
 Bio fertilizers are used as an effective  tool in the field of agriculture as they are generally renewable and ecofriendly source, through which plant nutrients can be obtained. They are organisms that enhance the nutrient content in soil. The key sources of bio fertilizers are certain bacteria, some fungi, and also some cyanobacteria (blue-green algae). The most remarkable relationship that these have with plants is symbiosis, in which the both the partners benefits each other
Biofertilizers  may be defined as preparations that generally contains latent cells or living cells of efficient microbial strains that help crop plants to take up the nutrients by the rhizospheric interactions which are applied through seed or soil.  They enhance certain processes of microorganisms in the soil which improve the extent of availability of nutrients in a form that is easily consumed by plants.
Why should a farmer use Bio Fertilizer?
As the green revolution technologies are introduced in the market ,the modern agriculture is getting more reliant upon the steady supply of synthetic products (mainly fertilizers), which are generally the inputs of fossil fuel (coal and petroleum).
Due  to the excessive and imbalanced use of these synthetic inputs,  adverse effects are generally being noticed. This situation has lead to pinpointing towards harmless inputs like bio fertilizers. Use of bio fertilizers in crop cultivation will not only help in protecting the soil health and but also the quality of different  crops

Benefits of using Bio Fertilizers For A Farmer ?
Bio fertilizers  help farmers to achieve higher  crop yield by 20-30%.
They generally replace chemical nitrogen content and phosphorus content by 25%.which are not beneficial for health of plant
Bio fertilizers help to stimulate the plant growth.
They help the soil to activate biologically.
They help the soil to restore its natural fertility.
They act as a shield against drought and some soil borne diseases and protects the plant .
Advantages of Bio-Fertilizers
Bio fertilizers are proven Cost effective for farmers.
They generally provide Supplement to various fertilizers.
They are Eco-friendly with the nature .
They generally reduces the cost of the use of fertilizer, and are affordable especially  nitrogen and phosphorus use for farmers 

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