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Geolife Vigore Raja - Mycorrhizal Bio Fertilizer

Vigore Raja, is the superior yield enhancer powered by mycorrhiza (VAM) and Neurospora crassa extract with essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants, all in a natural form. Crafted through proprietary technology, Vigore Raja features potent propagules of multiple endo and ecto mycorrhiza strains in a powder form. This formulation supports robust plant establishment, growth, and soil aggregation. It improves water-holding capacity in the root zone, facilitates nutrient absorption, offers resilience during dry periods, regulates pH levels, boosts productivity, stimulates tillering, branching, overall plant development, and contributes to white root development.

Mode of Action

Synergic Action: Vigore Raja is a synergistic blend that incorporates Neurospora crassa extract, mycorrhiza, vitamins, and antioxidants. This powerful formulation is designed to invigorate plant growth, strengthen roots, and promote holistic well-being. By boosting immunity and enhancing stress resistance, it fosters robust plant development, resilience, and vigor optimization.

Boosting Nutrient Absorption: Mycorrhiza forms a mutualistic bond with plants, supplying essential nutrients like phosphate, and boosting stress resistance. This partnership enhances water and nutrient uptake, improving plant health, stress tolerance, and drought resistance. Additionally, mycorrhiza promotes root system development, facilitating the absorption of vital minerals, particularly phosphorus, for overall plant growth.

Enhanced Enzyme Activity: Through its unique properties, it elevates enzymatic activity within the plants, leading to a significant enhancement in their ability to utilize nutrients effectively.

White Root Development: Notably, the application of this product results in a rapid increase in root growth, especially white roots and shoot growth. Promoting a balanced and robust development of the entire plant structure.

Growth and Yield Improvement: This product provides numerous actions, such as improved nutrient absorption, increased enzymatic activity, and comprehensive growth promotion, leading to heightened plant vitality and productivity, manifested in higher yields and enhanced quantity and quality.



Enterprise Specification

Total viable propagules/gram

10 spores per gram

Infectivity potential

Inoculum Potential 1200 IP/g (determined by MPN method with 10 fold dilution)


Benefits :

Improved Nutrient Absorption: Vigore Raja drastically enhances the plant's ability to absorb nutrients from the soil particularly nitrogen and phosphorus. Mycorrhiza forms a network of fine filament that associates with plant roots and draw nutrients and water from the soil.

Enhanced Plant Growth: The synergistic effect of Vigore Raja promotes robust plant growth by stimulating various physiological processes, including cell division and elongation.

Increased Stress Tolerance: Vigore Raja components contribute to enhanced stress tolerance in plants, making them more resilient to adverse environmental conditions such as drought, salinity, or temperature fluctuations.

Better Root Development: Mycorrhiza supports root system expansion and encourages healthy and extensive root development, leading to improved nutrient absorption and overall plant stability.

Improved Soil Structure: Vigore Raja contributes to soil structure improvement by promoting aggregation and increasing organic matter content, leading to better aeration and water retention.

Increased Yield: The collaborative action of mycorrhiza and Neurospora crassa extract often results in higher crop yields due to improved nutrient availability, enhanced plant health, and increased stress resilience.

Water Use Efficiency: It improves water absorption and retention in the soil, enhancing water use efficiency and reducing the environmental impact of irrigation practices.

Overall Soil Health: Vigore Raja fosters a healthier soil ecosystem by promoting beneficial microbial activity, nutrient cycling, and organic matter decomposition, contributing to long-term soil fertility and sustainability.

Application Details:

Dosage:  1 gm / litre of water - Foliar Application or 250 gm/acre - Soil Application

Application Method: Foliar, Drip irrigation, Soil application, and Drenching near the root zone.


Application along with Chemical Fungicide and Bactericide is strictly prohibited.

Directions for Use:

Rates of application will vary depending upon the severity of the deficiency, climate, soil type, and method of application. Consult your State Agricultural Experiment Station or Extension Specialists for advice in selecting treatments from this label to best fit local conditions. Avoid applying this product when plants are suffering from moisture stress. Herbal Triangle mixed with soil and spread on and racked around the roots of plants, Vegetables, bushes and trees.

Crops: Applicable for all crops i.e. field crops, fruits and vegetables.

Storage and Disposal

Do not contaminate water, food, or feed by storage or disposal.

STORAGE: Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight. May be stored in unheated facility. Spills from broken containers can be cleaned up by absorbing on clay or other suitable absorbent.


Shipping & Delivery Policy (Products)

For domestic buyers, orders are shipped through registered domestic courier companies and /or speed post only.

Orders are shipped within 2 working days or as per the delivery date agreed at the time of order confirmation and delivering of the shipment subject to Courier Company/post office norms. 

Geolife is not liable for any delay in delivery by the courier company / postal authorities and only guarantees to hand over the consignment to the courier company or postal authorities within 2 working days from the date of the order and payment or as per the delivery date agreed at the time of order confirmation. 

Delivery of all orders will be to the registered address of the buyer as per the credit/debit card only at all times(Unless specified at the time of Order). Geolife is in no way responsible for any damage to the order while in transit to the buyer.


Geolife is proud to use Razor Pay and other online payment systems for fast, easy and efficient secure payments. All major credit cards are accepted.

Shipping & Delivery Policy (Services)

Delivery of our services will be confirmed on your mail ID as specified during registration. For any issues in utilizing our services, you may contact our helpdesk.

How the delivery charge is calculated for multiple units and some products 

The shipping charge is Rs 45 for all orders.

For multiple products ordered the program adds up the weight of all the units ordered and charges a single delivery fee.  

However, the delivery fee is calculated separately when a customer orders different plants to be delivered at different locations. This is because the products are being sourced and shipped from different cities. 


The product will be delivered for all urban areas in India serviceable by major courier agencies. For remote/rural areas the product will be sent by local couriers / Indian Speed Post and may take more time. 

* No Deliveries on Sunday and National Holidays.

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