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Geolife's Bactogang-24 Gang of Bacteria is an advanced microbial biofertilizer, crafted with 24 beneficial microorganisms to boost soil fertility.

500ml / Acre

  1. Enhanced Nutrient Availability
  2. Improved Soil Structure
  3. Increased Organic Matter Content
  4. Balanced Microbial Population
  5. Robust Microbial Spp. & Enhanced Soil Fertility
  6. Disease Suppression & Reduce Chemical Despendency

Product Description:

Geolife Bactogang-24 Gang of Bacteria is an innovative and advanced microbial biofertilizer consisting of a consortium of 24 beneficial microorganisms, meticulously crafted to effectively fix nitrogen, solubilize crucial nutrients, and address secondary and micronutrient deficiencies. This revolutionary product promotes soil health and supports robust plant growth, making it an essential tool for any agriculture or gardening expert.


 This advanced microbial biofertilizer, Geolife Bactogang-24 Gang of Bacteria, contains a precisely formulated blend of 24 beneficial microorganisms. These bacteria are capable of thriving in extreme temperatures, ranging from 18C to 45C, as well as in saline soil conditions with up to 15% salinity. Additionally, they can also thrive in a wide pH range of 4 to 10.


  • Enhanced Nutrient Availability: Bactogang 24 contributes to the enrichment of soil by fixing atmospheric nitrogen, solubilizing phosphorus, and potash, and mobilizing other essential nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, Sulphur and trace elements like zinc, manganese, iron, boron, molybdenum. This enhances nutrient availability for plants.
  • Improved Soil Structure: The activities of microorganisms in Bactogang 24 aid in nutrient cycling, organic matter decomposition, aggregation of soil particles, leading to improved soil structure. This enhances water retention and aeration.
  • Increased Organic Mater Content: Bacteria in Bactogang 24 introduce organic matter into the soil through metabolic activities. This boosts the soil's organic content, fostering microbial diversity and overall soil health.
  • Balanced Microbial Population: This product is specially designed as a balanced consortium of microbes that solubilise every nutrient which enhances the efficiency of the product.
  • Robust microbial species: Microorganisms in Bactogang 24 are robust and can grow in various environments such as high pH like 10 and high temperatures like 45 degrees Celsius.
  • Disease Suppression: Bactogang 24 contains beneficial bacteria that contribute to suppression of soil-borne diseases. They act as natural antagonists against harmful pathogens.
  • Reduced Chemical Dependency: Bactogang 24 makes nutrients in the soil available to plants which increases the efficiency of uptake which in turn reduces the need for frequent application of fertilisers.
  • Enhanced Soil Fertility: Continuous use of Bactogang 24 enhances soil fertility by promoting nutrient cycling and maintaining a favourable environment for beneficial soil organisms which perform important functions in the soil.
  • Improved Water Retention: Bacteria in Bactogang 24 contribute to the formation of organic matter which improves the water holding capacity of the soil. It is further improved by dense root formation and well-defined root-aggregates and pore spaces due to the activity of Bactogang 24.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Bactogang 24 contributes to sustainable agricultural practices by promoting natural processes, reducing soil degradation, and minimizing the environmental impact associated with chemical fertilizers.

Crop -All crops (vegetable, fruits, sugarcane, pulses, cereals) Stage -Vegetative Growth (Up to 30-40 days)
Dosage - 500ml / Acre
Application - Drip / Drenching,

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